Beakview Bird Feeder Camera

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Beakview Bird Feeder Camera

Item 0350

The Beakview Bird feeder camera is the perfect way for bird enthusiasts to be able to watch birds feeding from your yard using your smartphone, from anywhere in the world! No more wondering what kind of birds are in your area, now, you will be able to capture the majesty of birds feeding and receive real-time notifications when this is happening! Download the FREE App to your smartphone, connect the Beakview camera system to your WiFi, fill the feeder with bird feed (not included) and you are ready to go! You can install this to any tree, pole, fence, or wall, in minutes with the included mounts, and away you go! The battery that is included will last months or you can add on the optional solar panel so you never have to charge the camera again! Plus, the AI Smart software can help you identify the birds that feed from your Beakview camera with up to 10,000 different species available!


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