Alocasias are stunning tropical plants cherished for their unique and often dramatic arrow shaped leaves. These rainforest natives thrive with high humidity and, ironically, soil that is on the drier side. Finding the right balance is the key to making these plants thrive.
Bright to very bright, indirect light
Water thoroughly when the top 25% of soil becomes dry.
Prefers 65° - 85°F
Fertilize monthly spring through summer with a balanced liquid fertilizer at the recommended rate. Alocasias go dormant during the late fall and winter, so reduce watering during this time. Place these plants away from any sources drafts. Lightly misting the leaves helps when humidity is lower.
Toxic to pets
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Varieties grown and sold at Urban Garden include Alocasia Bambino, Alocasia Black Velvet, Alocasia African Mask, Alocasia Ebony, Alocasia Regal Shield, and Alocasia Odora.