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Plant Care Guide

Plant Care GuideHouseplants are more popular than ever! So many people have discovered that they bring life, energy, and happiness into our homes and workplaces. Surprisingly, most plants require very little care, and if we provide them with adequate light and moisture, they reward us with years of enjoyment.

Plant Care Guide

This plant care guide is meant to provide the basics of caring for specific houseplants. We provide an outline of what conditions are ideal for each plant, in addition to best practices for helping your plants thrive.

Select a specific plant from the list below for care instructions and best practices.

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A Note About Water

When should I water my plant? Once a week? Twice a week? Everyday? It depends. Because the needs of plants vary, and the conditions in each home or office are different, there is no way to predict how often a plant needs water. Instead, we water our houseplants when they need water. But how do you know? We use the finger test. Stick your finger (or suitable moisture meter) into the soil to determine if the soil is wet or dry. If it's dry, water the plant. If it's moist, check again in a day or two. The most important thing to remember about watering plants is that less is more. Overwatering is the #1 reason houseplants die. You can always provide a little extra water if needed, but when a plant has been consistently overwatered, it probably won't make it.

Plant Care Guide