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Air Plants

Tillandsia Tillandsia
Air plants, or tillandsia, are a favorite at Urban Garden for their versatility and easy care. Tuck these little guys almost anywhere to create a beautiful, living art piece! With a little care, air plants will thrive and provide years of enjoyment. These air plant care instructions apply generally to most air plants. Some specific varieties have different care.
Bright, indirect light
Remove the plant from its container, then fully submerge it in water for 30-60 minutes every week. Alternatively, you may run the plant under the faucet 3-4 times per week. Allow the air plant to dry out before placing it back in its container.
Prefers 50°-85°F
No soil is needed: these plants receive their moisture and nutrients through their foliage. Fertilize monthly during spring and summer with a balanced liquid fertilizer at half the recommended rate. Many varieties will eventually flower, which may cause the main plant to die back, but new offshoots should re-grow from the base.
Safe for pets
Difficulty Level: Easy