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Maidenhair Fern

Adiantum raddianum Maidenhair Fern
The maidenhair fern is cherished for its bright green, delicate, whispy fronds. While it is considered a hardy fern, it is challenging to successfully grow as a house plant.
Bright, indirect light
Water thoroughly and keep soil consistently moist; never allow the soil to dry out completely. The maidenhair needs high humidity if grown indoors.
Prefers average home temperatures with higher than average humidity. Avoid drafty areas.
Fertilize sparingly with a liquid foliage fertilizer at half the recommeded rate. Snip off dead fronds at their base. Grown indoors, this fern requires nearly daily maintenance. In our experience, maidenhair ferns prefer to be grown outdoors in a mostly shady spot with consistent moisture. To rejuvinate a maidenhair that has dried out, snip off all dead fronds (even if it is all of them) and resume a consistent watering schedule.
Safe for pets
Difficulty Level: Challenging
Maidenhair Fern