There are hundreds of varieties of philodendron, ranging from trailing vines to huge, upright specimens. All are grown for their bold, unique foliage and tropical flair. Philodendrons are fast growers, so be sure to choose a spot where yours will have plenty of room to grow.
Medium to bright, indirect light
Water when top inch of soil becomes dry.
Prefers average home temperatures
Fertilize monthly spring through fall with a liquid foliage fertilizer at the recommended rate. Many yellowing leaves at once may indicate too much light; legginess may indicate not enough light. Pinch off older leaves as they yellow. Vining types typically need a post or structure to climb on.
Toxic to pets
Difficulty Level: Easy
Varieties grown and sold at Urban Garden include Philodendron Birkin, Philodendron Swiss Cheese, Philodendron Brasil, Philodendron Monstera, Philodendron Cordatum, Philodendron Cordatum Neon, Philodendron Imperial Green, Philodendron Monstera Minima, Philodendron Congo Green, Split Leaf Philodendron, Philodendron Hope, and Philodendron Lundii.